Nuestras Historias, Nuestro Arcoíris

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning (LGBTQ) Latina/o people have been major contributors to the United States in everything from the arts, politics, and social justice movements.  Follow this link for a list of historical figures, timelines, and more!

It Gets Better Project – EduGuides

Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ+ people and their allies from around the world. Now, with the organization’s original EduGuides, it’s easier than ever to share our stories and our history in the classroom.

High School LGBTQ Studies Curriculum

San Francisco School of the Arts teacher Lyndsay Schlax recently debuted the first-ever LGBTQ studies course implemented in a public high school, with a substantial framework for a comprehensive LGBTQ curriculum! Being among the first of its kind it is dynamic and liable to change, and so should prove to be an evolving resource.

GLBT Historical Society – Archives & Museum

Founded in 1985 and internationally recognized as one of the world’s largest collections of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender historical materials. The GLBT Historical Society collects, preserves, and makes accessible to the public materials and knowledge to support and promote understanding of LGBTQ history and culture.