Seeking Teachers to Write Distance Learning LGBTQ History Lessons

Sponsored by: Our Family Coalition / ONE Archives Foundation
Apply by October 20. Complete the application form.
Send a copy of or link to your resume to: [email protected] 

We are looking for 3 lesson plan writers and 3 lesson plan reviewers to create lessons that align with the LGBTQ history in the California History Social Science Framework that can be taught online via distance learning. Each lesson plan must be in a common format. We are looking for lesson writers so that when completed, we have one lesson plan for elementary, middle and high school. This project is funded through the CLIC History Social Science project. Other educators are writing other distance learning lesson plans at the same time.

Writer / Reviewer Requirements: Currently teaching in California

Lesson Topics Requested:

Grades 4-5: Focus on Native Americans/ Two-Spirit people, preferably focused on a California tribe. 
See HSS Framework, Chapter 7, Grade 4, pp. 71-72;  or Chapter 8, Grade 5, pp. 96-98. 

Grade 8:  Focus on slavery (family life or Reconstruction after the Civil War) or the Fourteenth Amendment. 
See HSS Framework, Chapter 12, Grade 8, pp. 269-270. 

Grade 11: Focus on the Harlem Renaissance or some aspect of the 1950s (Lavender Scare).
See HSS Framework, Chapter 16, Grade 11, pp. 392-393.  Or p. 41-411. 


Timeline and Scope of Work 

  • November 1: Lesson Writers Selected. Lesson writer determines lesson topic. 
  • December 1: Draft lessons reviewed and feedback submitted by reviewers.
  • December 15: Lesson reviewer completes review and consults with coordinators
  • January 15: Lesson completed 
  • January: Complete joint webinar to talk about the lessons / recording. 

– Lesson Writer: $600
– Lesson Reviewer: $200

More Info / Contact People/Coordinators: 

Rob Darrow (consultant) – [email protected] 
Erik Adamian (ONE Archives Foundation) – [email protected] 
Rick Oculto (Our Family Coalition) – [email protected]

Apply by October 20. Complete the application form.
Send a copy of or link to your resume to: [email protected]

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