How did LGBT Americans respond to the Vietnam War?

Source: ONE Archives Foundation
Author: Aditi Doshi
Subject: History
Topic:  Integrated
Grade Levels: High School: 11th Grade


Students will use a variety of primary and secondary sources to understand the LGBT experience during the Vietnam War. Students will also consider how sexuality and social conditions impacted both LGBT Americans who served in the military during Vietnam, as well as LGBT Americans on the home front. Students will use the evolving hypothesis strategy to answer the inquiry question, by first analyzing primary sources using historical thinking skills of sourcing, contextualization, close reading and corroboration. Students will then be asked to form an initial hypothesis. Subsequently students will be presented with multiple rounds of evidence. With each new round of evidence, students return to the inquiry question to either adjust or defend their evidence-based answer. The lesson will culminate with students working in groups to finalize clear, concise historical arguments in response to the inquiry question.

Download Lesson Plan Below:

Lesson Plan

This lesson plan was developed through the annual Professional Learning Symposia facilitated by ONE Archives Foundation and the UCLA History-Geography Project. View and download other lesson plans from this project.

Lesson tags: 11TH GRADE, 1960S, 1970S, SEXUALITY
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